Динко Ламбов defended his PhD with Success

Congratulations to Динко Ламбов! He successfully defended his PhD on Cross Domain Multi-view Sentiment Classification. The members of the jury were Mohand Boughanem, Pavel Brazdil, Nuno Marques, João Graça and Veska Noncheva. He received maximum mark.

Ricardo Campos at SIGIR 2011 in 北京

Ricardo Campos is presenting different works in different Workshops on Temporal Information Retrieval at the 34th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference in 北京.

José Chantre Project Defense on Language Identification

José Chantre successfully defended his project on Language Indentification for different forms of Cape Verde Creoles in the context of his Bachelor Degree.

João Paulo Cordeiro PhD Defense

João Paulo Cordeiro will defend his PhD about Sentence Compression on the 29th of April 2011 at the University of Beira Interior. The work is untitled “Rule Induction for Sentence Reduction” and will count with Paulo Quaresma, Luisa Coheur and Marie-Francine Moens as jury members. This work has been supervised and co-supervised by Gaël Dias and Pavel Brazdil.

João Paulo Cordeiro Ante PhD Presentation about Sentence Compression

João Paulo Cordeiro will present his PhD final work about Sentence Compression on the 6th of April 2011 at the Labtech. The work is untitled “Rule Induction for Sentence Reduction”.